The Gelfand Family Charity Trust (GFCT) strives to provide hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) enrichment for middle- and high-school students.


In Ethiopia, this mission is accomplished through the establishment of Science & Engineering centers, as well as supporting labs in the schools in conjunction with school building construction. Mission success can be measured by students choosing STEM as the focus of their hobbies, after-school activities, fields of study and career.


Mark Gelfand, a GFCT principal, remembers how his interest in STEM was sparked by his uncle, an electrical engineer. In turn, Mark's sons have also chosen STEM as their career interest.


The GFCT hopes to spark this same interest in all deserving youth. The hope is that permanent and positive change will result for the students, their family, their town and their country.

Sixteen year old Mark Gelfand (Nov. 1967) in his tiny electronics workshop. The parts and equipment mostly derived from unrepairable televisions and radios.


Sixteen year old Mark Gelfand (via Nov. '67) in his tiny electronics workshop filled with unrepairable TV and radio parts.