Hawassa STEM Centre is built inside Hawassa University on 5000m square plot of land. The Centre has five equipped laboratories: namely Computer, Mechanical engineering, Electronics and Electricity, Optics and Biology. The sixth laboratory is the Horticulture laboratory. It has also one administrative room, one staff room, one store, an auditorium and  a toilet facility.  The Centre‘s primary purpose is to inspire middle and higher level students and others to pursue science, technology, engineering hobbies, academics, and careers, through hands on practice & enrichment. In addition, the Centre is expected to become a premier educational facility that will benefit students in the localities of Centre and it‘s environment.  The Centre will permanently maintain at the gate of the Centre a plaque bearing motto " INSIDE EVERY CHILD IS A SCIENTIST" Mr.Mark Gelfand founder of the STEM center.  And it promotes this motto in every program, document and forum which are the products of the Centre.  In the implementation time of the program the Centre will communicate with all similar funded science centers in Ethiopia and elsewhere in Africa. As to its Memorandum of understanding, if the consortium of such science centers is established by the members, the Hawassa university  STEM- Centre agrees to be an active member of it. Hawassa University STEM Centre is officially inaugurated in September 14, 2014. Hawassa University Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Centre (STEM) is the brain child of Mr. Mark Lan Gelfand an American citizen who is patron of the Centre.He has launched similar projects in different places in Ethiopia The program is expected to train students from grade 5 to 12 in Information Technology, Optics, Mechanics, Electronics and Electricity, Biology, and Horticulture. 


The vision of Hawassa University STEM Centre is to create model science and Engineering Centre which serves as a forum for early identification and cultivation of budding scientists and Engineers.


To develop an enriched curriculum and to reinforce science educationby providing additional hands on training students who have interest and capability in science and engineering fields.

  • Partnership formation, development of intensive and enriched programs, fostering students competition in science, networking with similar institutions in Ethiopia, in Africa and possibly in other overseas are some of the prominent strategies of the Centre.

  • Development of intensive programs which are responsive to the needs of individual students, teachers, parents, and other special groups which are enrolled in the Centre programs.

  • Fostering competition in the form of science fair which involves every school at the initial stage and culminates at the township level at the final stage.

  • Identifying and involving volunteers who will act as the back bone of the Centre to provide competent technicians or technical personnel who can carry out special demonstration and instructional sessions.  Volunteers will be invited from the country and abroad.

  • To reach out and link up with institutions of similar undertakings and foster program exchange and experience sharing at all levels.


   Hawassa university STEM center objectives are to:


  • Create a favorable environment for those middle and higher level students  who have  interests  and capabilities in science and engineer fields

  • Motivate  students to be creative  and innovative

  • Foster fundamental critical thinking skills and systems thinking

  • Make the center centre  of excellence in the region

  • Strive to develop meaningful comprehensive  STEM vision